How to use SSH with PuTTY to hide your IP address ?

Download Tunnelier here or use this hot link. It is free for personal use.
Install it to your computer.
Now let's configure it to use SSH to hide your IP. If your host support SSH, you can use it with Tunnellier.
Open your Tunnelier.
Input host address, it is an IP address like this one Default port for SSH is 22. Input your usename and password, usually it is same with your c-panel password. You can find it in your host panel.

Switch to Services tab, now enable the function SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding, listen interface=, port=1080 ( any number you like :D, but remember, this is port for hide your IP )

You can save all information to a profile for future use.
Now, you can use it with firefox or any browser to hide IP. With firefox go to Tools/ Options/Advance/Network/Setting choose Manual proxy configuration, input with port 1080 to SOCKS host, chose type of this protocol is SOCKS5.
If you want to hide IP for all applications, you can use Proxifier software. Download it here.
Use port 1080 with Proxifier. Enjoy anonymous mode!

Source : here